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Earn free Ruble - start earning today - Live withdraw 102 ruble

Earn free Ruble - start earning today - Live withdraw 102 ruble

Earn free Ruble - start earning today - Live withdraw 102 ruble
Earn free Ruble - start earning today - Live withdraw 102 ruble

Socpublic is an excellent box for making money on the Internet. To earn in Socpublic it will be necessary on visiting of sites, viewing of video, sharing records and joining groups in social networks. In a word, everyone can earn money in Socpublic, as it is simple, fast and without investments.

Registration in Socpublic
To start earning in Socpublic you need to register, and this is very easy. Registration in Socpublic only takes a couple of minutes. The first step is to go to the site of this box: Socpublic.

After going to the link above, you will be taken to the main page of the Socpublic website. In the top menu of the site there is a button "Registration", click on it.

Register in Socpublic
Then you will be transferred to the page with the registration form in Socpublic, fill it. In it you will need to specify login and password, your e-mail address, enter captcha and click on the "Done" button.

The last step of registration in Socpublic will need to confirm your e-mail address. To do this, a letter with a link will come to the specified address, after which you will confirm your e-mail. At this registration in Socpublic will be completed.

How to make money in Socpublic?
How to earn money in Socpublic? It has already been said above that the earnings in Socpublic is very simple, does not require investment and is ideal for beginners. After you have registered with Socpublic, go to your personal account.

How to make money in Socpublic
In the left menu of the personal cabinet you will see the link "Earn", click on it. After that, a list will open, in which you can choose one of the ways of earning in Socpublic. Above in the picture you can see this menu with the types of earnings. To earn in Socpublic it is possible in several ways and now we will consider them in detail:

Earnings in Socpublic on surfing sites - a fairly simple way of earning, which is to visit the sites of the advertiser. Surfing is very often called earnings on clicks. However, there are some differences in earnings on surfing Socpublic from other axles.
Earn at surfing in Socpublic
All links for surfing are in rotation, that is, you do not need to open each manually. It is enough to start surfing once and each link will open in turn. From you only need to enter captcha and receive money.

Earnings in Socpublic on surfing sites
Also in Socpublic there is an automatic surfing of sites. The difference between earning on autosurfing is that after starting it you do not have to do anything at all.

Back in Socpublic there is a program for surfing, which is called Socpublic Agent. There are always a lot more links in the program for both manual and autosurfing. Below in the picture you can see an example of viewing the site using the program from Socpublic.

Socpublic Agent for Surfing
Earnings in the Socpublic on visiting sites - this is the same surfing sites, but the links will need to open one by one manually. Some links for viewing sites in Socpublic go without a timer, that is, it's enough to just open the page and immediately close it.
Earn on visiting sites in Socpublic
Earnings in Socpublic on letters - this type of earnings also consists in visiting the sites of advertisers, but with a slight difference. To start, you need to select a link from the list and click on it.
Reading letters in Socpublic
Then a window with a description appears, the so-called letter, and below it there will be a question with the answer options. The letter should be read, and then correctly answer the question.

Earn in Socpublic on letters
After that, a link will open to go to the advertiser's site. Click on it, and then go to the site. Next, you will need to wait for the countdown timer, correctly enter the captcha and get the money earned.

Earn on assignments in Socpublic
Earnings in Socpublic on the fulfillment of tasks is the main type of earnings on this project. There are a lot of tasks in Socpublic and all of them differ in type: in some you will need to do some action in social networks, in others watch video, enter captcha, register, download a file and so on.
To earn on assignments in Socpublic can be much more than other methods. Further in the article you will learn how to perform assignments in Socpublic.

Referral program Socpublic - this is another type of earnings, which can bring significant funds. You will need to attract referrals (new members), after which you will receive a percentage of their earnings or spending on advertising campaigns.
Socpublic has three levels of referrals. From all levels you can get a percentage of earnings on clicks and even from the task. This possibility is rarely found on similar projects. Revenue from advertisers comes only from the first level of referrals.

The size of referral awards reaches 60% from clicks and up to 10% from the fulfillment of tasks at the first level of referrals. With advertiser referrals, the maximum percentage is 5%. Referrals to Socpublic can bring excellent earnings.

All referral fees are paid directly for

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