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Virmach Review Best and Cheapest VPS

In this review, we will be reviewing Virmach and how it can help you with VPS hosting.

Virmach Review Best and Cheapest VPS
Virmach Review Best and Cheapest VPS

Virmach is a VPS hosting service which offers Linux, Windows and other VPS services. Sounds like an average VPS provider?
Not quite! One thing that sets apart Virmach from its competitors is pricing. I have scouted around a lot of other VPS services and none come even close to what Virmach offers, especially for Linux VPS and Windows VPS.

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They also offer amazing support, which goes above and beyond to resolve technical issues that might come up. I had many questions to them when I first started out with their services, and they would always reply to me fast. They also always helped me with whatever issue I had(even if it just were small things). Out of all my time using it, it has only been down for me once! They were kind enough to give me back credit for the lost time(it was only down for less than 5 minutes).

With their 100% uptime guarantee, they will credit you if your service ever goes offline. They did so for me, by giving me 1 week of free time despite my VPS server only being down for less than 5 minutes.

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Virmach also offers free backups, with its automatic mirror and backup. It uses RAID 10, which mirrors your disk to ensure that the data will not be lost, with a minimum of 4 disks. This protects your data, even against multiple disk failures and it is available in all VPS locations. Another feature they have is the free weekly backups, which backs up your entire VM on a weekly basis.
Most of their plans are also ready to go, which means that it comes pre-installed with the remote Desktop OS. This makes it easier to use, so you don’t have to spend time setting it up manually.
They currently support 11 cloud locations.

Watch The Video To Learn More About The Company :

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