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Yllix media ads network review: Rates, Legit or Scam Ad network

Yllix media ads network review: Rates, Legit or Scam Ad network
Yllix media ads network review: Rates, Legit or Scam Ad network

small bloggers cannot use adsense or other high paying big ad networks. Because getting adsense approval is extremely hard. in order that they want to use some small ad networks. But small ad networks won't pay high in comparison to the large ad networks like adsense. Yllix media is additionally alittle ad network. Many publishers asked me to write down yllix media review. Yllix may be a new and good ad network and suitable for little publishers. Now we'll see the right review of yllix media


yllix media offers an honest support in comparison to other small ad networks. I sincerely wanted their support. so I even have mailed them. They skilled my email in at some point . They written an honest email with the solution i really like their support. Support is must have for little publishers.

minimum payout
The minimum payout of yllix media is extremely low. The minimum payout is $1 and that they pay weekly. it's very easy to succeed in , if you've got some good traffic. They pay via paypal and bank wire. i like to recommend paypal. Because it's free, check in now. this is often the yllix media review about their minimum payout.

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Ad formats

Yllix media support a spread ad formats. More ad formats means more ads and extra money they provide leader

board, rectangle, square, pop, slider etc. They also offer mobile responsive ads. this suggests you do not lose mobile traffic. Using mobile ads, you'll monetize mobile traffic. So yllix media may be a excellent ad network with many sorts of ad formats.

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  PopUp Ads:

A new window are going to be opened in background and it contains a billboard . They recommend you to try to to not place quite 1 pop per page. they provide very high rates for crop up ads.

Layer Ads:

Layer ads are going to be placed as a layer in your website you'll get more clicks by using this format. Visitors can close this ad by clicking on close (x) within the upper right of ad.

Full Page Ads:

Fullpage Ad - A link where you'll

redirect your visitors. Very interesting rates.

Mobile banners:

These banners offer cpc and cpm methods. Rates are low in comparison to banners.

mobile redirects:

Mobile users are going to be irritated, if you employ these ads. Because mobile users are going to be redirected to a different ( advertiser) product or site. But pc users won't redirected by using these ad formats.

affiliate system

Affiliate system is now a standard one in ad networks and hosting companies. you'll refer other one to form money and that they will make money from the one who you referred.

If you referred a publisher:
You will get $50 for each referral. you'll get 2% of his lifetime earnings. If he earned 100$, you'll get $2. this is often low but more members you refer, extra money you'll make.

if you referred an advertiser

You will get $100 and 1% of his lifetime expenditure. If he spent 100 dollars, you'll get one dollar.

yllix media referral system may be a excellent . But I even have not tried it. After i attempted then i will be able to recommend this to each one.

This is the yllix media review about their affiliate system

Advantages of yllix

1. The minimum payout of yllix media is $1 which is extremely easy to succeed in . They pay weekly and pays via paypal, bank wire etc.

2. Referral system is extremely good one. you'll make some extra money using their referral system.

3. this is often very trusted ad network and there are many payment proofs available in internet.

4. Approval is extremely easy. They even approve .blogspot domains. Approval takes 24-48 hours.

disadvantages of yllix

1. Cpm rates are very low. Even I got a cpm of $ 0.01. With these rates, it can take longer to succeed in minimum payout

2. Mobile redirect ads are very irritating ad formats. you'll loose such a lot traffic by this mobile redirect ads.


Yllix media review is written for publishers. we would like to assist other publishers. this is often a really great ad network for little publishers. Please subscribe for us to urge the newest updates.

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